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Infosuccess3D bought a new domain (infosuccess3D.gr)

Infosuccess3D.gr will host the Greek portal of infosuccess3d.All the site will be translated in Greek.

Infosuccess3D has a new external law partener

In order to provide the best services Infosuccess3D is now collaborating with an external legal advisor that will help Infosuccess3D client with any legal concerts that its customer may have regarding IT.

Infosuccess3D is Recruiting

Graphic Designer, is wanted. Also 2 internship position have been opened one for junior programer and junior graphic designer.

Infosuccess 3D has a new Site

On 06/10/2014 Infosuccess3D create a new site for their front page.

Collaboration With Ringtokk Communication Company

In 18 of February Ringtokk and Infosuccess3d had started to co-developed a VoIP application that is set to release 30 of April