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Mobile Application (Android,Iphone,BlackBerry,Windows Phone)

Today many companies are using mobile applications as a way of advertisement or even as a way to sell their products.Infosuccess3D is using tools that allow the simultaneously development of an Application on all four major mobile platforms (Android , IPhone , Blackberry , Windows phone).

You can think of your mobile phones like small computers that can do pretty much the same job like a personal computer. That means that a mobile phone can access data, handle dat , use office software , control your company alarm or even a robot. The only limitation that mobile phone are having is their low performance but with a good internet connection and an accessible pc even this will not be a problem So what this new technology has to offer for your company, first let’s start from the basics what kind of business you have and we will give you few examples of how to use this technology.

Advertisement application


We can create an advertisement application that can show your business having pictures of your products and text that will attract your user’s attention.


We can create a game for you that will advertise your business, for example if your business is a hotel, we can create a game like “Temple Run”, but instead of running in a temple they run in your hotel, this way your potential client will be enthralled by your hotel building without even seeing pictures of it. We can build various games that can advertise almost every kind of business, find few examples bellow:
1. Car repair: Your customer can play an application that shows him how to repair a fake car.
2. Flowers Seller: your customer can play a farm game that will have all the types of flower you own.
3. Car seller: Your customer can play a racing game with the cars that you are selling
4.Honey Seller : We can make a game that your customer will try to gather various types of honey , learning their property and use the various type of honey to defeat his/hers opponent.
All this examples can be customized and of course if you have any other type of business and you want a game advertisement please contact us and we will make it for you. As about our limitation our only true limit is your imagination.



With our basic mobile commerce you can sell your products to your customers through the web, which they can access through their mobile phones. Customers can browse your catalog through their mobile phone and buy anything they wish on it. You will directly receive their order details which you have to send to them or reserve a room in a case of a hotel.


Our advance mobile commerce include a visualization of your store , and allow your customer to browse your store like he is there take the items he wants and go to the cashier or reception in the case of a hotel to buy your products. We like to call this type of applications Shop&Play .

Mobile-Education solutions

What about the education business, since we come from an academic background we have a special connection with both research and teaching.

Mobile Attendance sheet

Mobile attendance sheet is a mobile application that allows the lecturer/teacher to record the attendance of the students in the class.

Quiz / Reader application

Quiz application allows the lecturer to put up a quiz while the students are in class and review their answer. Also the teacher will be able to put a quiz or leave lecture notes for the students to read while they are away from the school. Also such applications can be extended to allow internal communication between the teachers and the students or even create a internal social network were the students will be able to talk to each other.

Robotics/ Physics /Chemistry or biology simulations

We can create an application that simulates some experiment in any of the above fields. Examples include simulations that present variation on physics rules such as gravity or actually showing how to program robots. Of course our expertise is limited in the fields of physics, chemistry and we will have to collaborate with an expert to create such application.

Virtual Learning System

Infosuccess3d is developing a full virtual system that will include VoIP and class visualization but this product is not currently available.

VoIP/SMS Applications

Infosuccess3d is collaborating with one of the best companies in the area of VoIP and can create internal VoIP communication for your company including Click To Call button (your customer can call you for free).

Customer Specific/Other Applications Please contact us, and see what we can do for you. *please note that most of this application requires a Database, and hosting space which we could provide for you.