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Visualization & 3D Game Development & Stand Alone


Infosuccess3d specialized on 3d visualizations of businesses, like hotels or restaurants or even museums. Visualizations is creating a 3d replica of the actual space, this will allow your customer to walk inside your business and get a good feeling of your business place. Please contact us and see what we can do for you.

Stand Alones

Some businesses need programs that are more demanding in terms of processing power and local access. One example is a program for data-mining or data analysis. Infosuccess is offering the following standalone services.

Data-Mining Software

These tools are searching online, download and processing data. For example if you want to create a social listener we can create a local tool that will check few facebook pages to see if something was said about your company.


Our statistics can perform a correlation or clustering analysis for you. We supporting supervised and unsupervised data, please call us to see what we can do for you. We have many machines and we are also using cloud computing for our analysis.

Image and video Processing

Our expert computer scientists can analyses videos for you and track specific motions or patterns of the image. Please contact us to learn more.

Gaming Development

Infosuccess3d can create a 3d model for you (.fbx,.obj) using blender or Maya lite . Also we could provide you with code scripts for gaming engine or we can help find a voice actor for our external collaborations. Infosuccess can develop a full 3d game for you but this process is usually very long that’s why we prefer to making only mini games for advertisements. Although you are more than welcome to contact us and we can discuss it. Infosuccess3d is planning on releasing a full RPG 3d game in summer of 2015 stay tuned.