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Web Design & Social Media Sitter Services

Web Sites

A Web site is usually the core advertisement place of your company. Most of the companies or local businesses are already using at least a simple web site. These web sites will let the world learn who you are and what your business is about. In today’s market it is a must for almost all the companies to have even a simple web site. In most of these cases simply having a web site is not enough anymore while is definitely a first step for your business to enter the world of IT and staring slowly to join Global Trading. While we know that each business need different sites here are some concepts examples of our web products are:

Basic Web Site

Infosuccess3d offers basic web sites in very good prices, a basic web site includes a home page / services or product page and a contact us page.

Social Media Website and Basic Web site

This include a web site in facebook , twitter and Google plus . Also this options includes Map services , for example Google maps embedment.

Basic E-commerce/E-shop

This is a web site were the customers will be able to see your products and services, they will also be able to pay using PayPal . You will only receive an e-mail notification from PayPal that someone has paid, without any details of what product he/she had bought. This is useful for business that sell few products or for those that they don’t want to include online payment in their website.

Advance E-Commerce

In this case the customer will be able to pay using PayPal, check out his items, have a cart that will he/she will be able add/remove items from as well as a search engine that will allow him/her to view your items. We will include an administrator system with an SQL database on the site, and you will be able to get immediate notifications (Within the system or via e-mail or via sms) regarding the product that was just bought. An Additional feature that can be included is a inventory management system that will let you customer know when an item is out of stock. We can also help you set up your e-bay store , or make a site that will be included as sctrouz e-shop. To have 100% success this e-commerce solution must be accompanied by social media pages and mobile commerce applications.

Tracking, administrator, internal communication Pages

We can create an internal online system for your company that will enable the managing of your employees’ online or even creating tracking system for your car fleet .Logistics applications are also available. Also it is possible that you may need an internal social media for your company or your very VoIP application for internal communications or even a customer CRM (customer relationship management) system. Because such systems are usually very specialized, please contact us and see what we can do for you.

Social Medias

Some of our customers prefer to have their page only in social Medias while we do not recommend such actions as a company, we can help you create or even manage your page for you at a low cost.

YouTube Advertisement

We can create a small 3d or 2d Video that can show your company and advertising throw a small animation video.

E-mail Services

An e-mail like Gmail or yahoo is not looking very professional for your business. Its better to have your e-mail like (info@yourCompany.com). We can help to improve the look of your signature by adding a click to call button in the signature or a map button(find us on Google button) or even add a QR Code when someone will scan your QR code you will be called directly or he can be redirected to your page. QR click to call can be installed in your business card as well .Please contact us if you want to know more .

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

This is one is one of the most important aspects of today’s online marketing. In a few words this SEO is how to make your site appear in a good rank on Google and yahoo. Here in infosuccess we can give advice on how to make your site appear in the top of the list and also into how to make more people visit your site.

Academic Web Sites:

We have a special bond with the academic community; we will love to create a web system for a group or non-profit software. We have special prices for the academic community and in some cases we will donate some of our work for free.